Remic P6100 Triple Kit Piano Mikrofon


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P6100 Piano Microphone TRIPLE Kit for Grand Piano

The P6100 piano microphone TRIPLE kit is designed for studio and live productions and delivers a natural sound with clear definition and accuracy.

The P6100 piano microphone TRIPLE kit for grand piano consists of 3 microphones with high definition condenser elements. The REMIC P6100 TRIPLE kit is very suitable, when you are aming for a super wide sound or when you want a warm and present sound, or even when you want a sound with hard attack.


Why use three REMIC P6100 Microphones on a Grand Piano?

A grand piano is, as the word says, grand. It is big. If you look at concert grand like a Steinway Model D, but also a model C, any Bösendorfer grand piano or other and similar sized instrument, it is very clear that there is a certain amount of space and strings to cover.

The whole spectrum of such a wonderful instrument should only be captured by three of the REMIC P6100 microphones. Using a REMIC P6100 TRIPLE kit with 3 microphones will guarantee that you get the most satisfying, warm and powerful sound out of your instrument.