Vicoustic ViCloud VMT Flat Round Natural White


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ViCloud VMT Flat is a simple and lightweight, suspended acoustic solution that is ideal for restaurants, open plan offices, convention centers, atriums, or any public space where there is a great concentration of people and where background noise, created by a room full of conversations, can quickly build up.
In addition, by using Vicoustic Virtual Material Technology, ViCloud VMT Flat is customizable and adaptable to meet your architectural needs.
For exquisite architectural soundscapes, that subtly align to your existing or newly renovate space, ViCloud VMT Flat may just be the solution you need
Dimensions: Round – Ø1160 x 40 mm // Square – 1160 x 1160 x 40 mm // Hexagon – 1160 x 1005 x 40 mm // Petal – 1160 x 1066 x 40 mm
Scratch Resistance: Yes
Washable: Yes
Functionality: Absorption
Absorption Frequency Range: Medium and High Frequencies
NRC: 0,85
Fire Rate
Europe: Euroclass B – s2, d0
Units/Box: 4
Box Dimensions: 1270 x 1270 x 175mm
Box Gross Weight: 15kg